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Therefore, this dance is an all-inclusive activity (Pohren 67). It involves numerous dance movements. One of the common ones is a rhythmic expression whereby I exhibit rapid movements of the heels and feet. Moreover, I engage in an activity of slapping both the chest and clapping of hands. I alternate this with steps made with the feet. Flamenco dance also involves lower body movements which begin from the waist downwards. These include hip rolls, juts of the hips, lifting of the legs, which is usually done with the kneels down as well as making circles with the legs (Pohren 88). Notably, I also include numerous movements of the upper body. Some of the common ones include twisting of the arms as well as making circular movements using my arms. The most intriguing movement that I like most in the flamenco performance includes making the spine a spiral. This movement serves to produce a counter line reflected on my back (Scheff, Sprague and McGreevy-Nichols 140). There are also circular movements whereby I involve my wrists and fingers. In other occasions, dancing extends to fanning using my fingers. On other occasions, I combine different movements to exhibit an expression that involves the entire body. These are enhanced by shrugging shoulders, jumping, hopping, different facial expressions and gestures. In every single performance where I am invited, I combine all these different movements (Ruiz 71).
The flamenco dance originated from Spain and is common amongst Spanish dancers. However, flamenco classes are available in different countries. I was intrigued by the dance from an early age a factor that motivated me to register for dancing classes. Although in my initial days in the dancing class, I focused on general dancing, I later specialized in flamenco. In an American society, where the dance is not common, I took a lot of time to monitor the steps. The instructor in the dancing class was ...
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Being a professional flamenco dancer presents such opportunities on a regular basis whereby I am required to perform the dance with my group. Dancing flamenco is a fascinating activity and its…
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