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Assignment example - The Politics of Education

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It enables an individual to develop the urge of reading books which are very important in the management of the current age. In his report, Mann also asserts that education influences the lifestyle of people; it changes…

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of education with successful establishment of libraries in some societies, Mann claims that education contributes immensely towards individual’s mental improvement (Massachusetts. Board of Education 95). He relates most countries’ prosperity with education; he believes that education contributes to growth and development of a successful generation. Additionally, Mann believes that education has a significant impact on how governments bestow their leaderships; he believes that education enhances the discharge of regal duties by the government.
Mann’s views on education conquer with the current perception of education. This is evidenced by how majority f the people value education in the current societies; most people believe that education gives individuals the platform of expressing themselves. It also boosts the courage of people who value their rights; it enables them question their leaders about the mistakes they make in their daily activities. It is also evident that lots of advancement has taken place in the current societies because of increase in the rate of literacy among people. Additionally, most people are successive and independent today because of exposure and awareness enhanced by education.
In what ways were you prepared by your experiences in elementary, middle, and high school for achieving success in college? In what ways did the readings help you understand better how you were educated?
The passage of my lifetime through elementary, middle, and high school played a very significant role in my life. It made me value books and develop the urge of advancing my education elsewhere after high school. It is through the association with my colleagues in these academic levels that I garnered courage that enabled me to associate with other students from different backgrounds. Apart from learning that hardworking plays a pivotal role in one’s academic success, my passage through high school also made me have easy time in college; the experience ...
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