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Oceanography: Lessons 5-12

Active margin exists in the leading edge of the continent, where it crashes into an oceanic plate. Passive margin, on the other hand, refers to margins that exist in the other remaining coastlines, without any collision and subduction activities taking place. Walking onto the beach of each margin differs in that the active beach has formation of different geographical features because if different activities such as earthquakes, whereas the passive beach remains relatively flat.
A deep ocean trench is a depression in the deep ocean floor in the shape of an arc, while submarine canyon is a cutting into the continental shelf and slope making an end into the deep sea fan. Ocean trenches, usually, go deeper into the ocean than a submarine canyon, with submarines hiding in both.
The four sources of ocean sediments are terrigenous, biogenous, indigestible, and exogenous sediments. Terrigenous sediments are sediments formed on land then washed into the ocean by the action of rivers. Biogenous sediments refer to sediments resulting from the discarded parts of living organisms both on land and in the sea, with their entry into the ocean being similar to that of terrigenous sediments. Indigestible sediments refer to shells, shell pieces, and fecal pellets as particles of other forms of sediment wrapped in the waste products of sediment-eating bottom dwellers in the ocean base. Finally, exogenous sediments are the particles from space, making a small percentage of the ocean sediments. Exogenous sediments get to the ocean floor by running waters into the ocean such as rivers after the sediments are deposited on the earth’s surface. Some of the sediments also fall directly into the oceans from space.
The two natural resources are Udachnaya pipe located in Russia just outside the Arctic Circle. It has diamond deposits extracted through mining and used by human as an economic resource. The second natural ...
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Using the Internet, find out who made the first satellite and its original purpose. How do satellites work to send information from space?
The making of the first satellite is not considered a one-man affair;…
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