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Lessons 13-16

The winds should also be a light wind with an approximate of under 15 knots. Additionally, the water needs to be of lower temperatures, which are some of the ideal conditions for surfing.
The 9.0 Japan earthquake of March 11, 2011 was indeed a surprise to many. Scientists, despite having predicted the earthquakes occurrence, never expected its large size. Additionally, the earthquake resulted in the death of approximately 18,000 people, even though warnings were issued especially in people’s cell phones. The earthquake also shifted the earth from its normal axis of rotation through the redistribution of mass.
Question 2: Looking at the Ring of Fire, name 8 other countries, besides Japan, that are familiar with frequent earthquakes. Tell me about 1 of them that made headlines in the news within the past year.
In the ring of fire, other countries familiar with frequent earthquakes besides Japan include Canada, United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, and Russia. One of the nations that has made headlines in the past year is Costa Rica, in which a powerful earthquake of a magnitude of up to7.6 shook the nation and a wide swath of Central America early in the morning in mid-2013, making substantive news headlines.
Pacific Ring of Fire refers to an area with frequent occurrences of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, contributed to by tectonic shifts in the earth’s plates. Because of such factors, the pacific ring of fire experiences an increased number of tsunamis considering the frequent movement of the earth’s plates.
There exist three major types of tides, semidiurnal tides, mixed tides, and diurnal tides. Semidiurnal tides involve the existence of two high tides of equal heights and two low tides of equal heights. Mixed tides on the other side have two periods of high water and two periods of low water each day; however, the tidal heights are not equal. ...
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Tide movements usually push seagull, and, therefore, the seagull is seen as constantly bouncing up and down the water without being pushed with the wave. Considering their flat web-like toes, seagulls find movements on the waters quite easy and with little application of…
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