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lem and proceed towards the research questions, then the collection of data, followed by data analysis and later on the research report generation (Seidman, 2012).
Both the studies also explore various types of qualitative and quantitative approaches with an aim to extract the exact information about a certain phenomenon. The data collection techniques in both approaches are similar since they all employ the use of questionnaires, interviews, audiovisual materials and many other types of techniques for obtaining the information (Silverman, 2013).
In terms of focus, Phenomenological research is mainly aimed at comprehending the purpose of the occurrence of existence of a certain phenomenon while case studies focus to develop a conclusive analysis and description of a particular case that may be individual or in multiple forms (Creswell, 2013).
In terms of the type of Problem suited for design, Phenomenological research mainly handles the importance of existence of a phenomenon that already exists in the real world while Case Studies mainly seeks to provide an understanding of a particular case or various multiple cases (Creswell, 2013).
In terms of background of the discipline phenomenological research is mainly applied in education, philosophy and psychology while case studies is widely applicable in the fields of medicine, psychology, political science and law (Creswell, 2013).
In relation to Unit of Analysis, Phenomenological research relies on the study of similar experiences shared by various individuals while case studies analyses a specific event, an activity, a program and it incorporates more than one individual (Creswell, 2013).
In relation to the data collection forms, phenomenological research the primary data collection tools and techniques adopted are individual interviews. However, art, observations and secondary sources such as documentations may also be used. Case Studies
In terms of strategies of data analysis Phenomenological research, data ...
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The paper is going to analyze the various forms of qualitative research with an aim of deriving their similarities, differences and the…
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