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John Patrick Shanley, Doubt • Analyze the role of doubt as a major theme in this text. Who experiences doubt? In ways do they do so? Discuss with examples. • How does the play function as a parable? What moral lesson or teaching does it convey? Discus - Essay Example

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Doubt is a drama by author John Patrick Shanley, this is story about a strict nun who has the belief that a priest at the church has done an act that is wrong to one of his learners, and this play takes place in the offices of a catholic school in New York. Doubt is one of the…

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John Patrick Shanley, Doubt • Analyze the role of doubt as a major theme in this text. Who experiences doubt? In ways do they do so? Discuss with examples. • How does the play function as a parable? What moral lesson or teaching does it convey? Discus

One of the main elements in the drama is how the uncertainty that is present even in places that are surrounded by religious individuals. The two key characters namely Father Flynn and Sister Aloysius stick to their opinions of the universe and refuse to see things like other people see them. This quality leads to both strengths and weakness and is a key reason for the final tragic end in the essay. On the other hand, the on-stage characters namely Sister James and Mrs. Muller are filled with doubt. However, they are able to see the story from both sides of the coin in this dilemma. Sister Aloysius is sure that sexual abuse activities take place at St. Nicholas; she believes that she is right despite the fact that she has no concrete evidence. At the conclusion of the play, she states that her evidence was from a small gesture whereby one student reacted in an affectionate way after being touched by Father Flynn. To Sister Aloysius, doubt is a two-way sided aspect; she gives Sr James lessons on the need of uncertainty. She entertains no sentiment, and this is because in her viewpoint, it is a cruel and unjust world, and she acts in a harsh manner to symbolize how she views the responsibility of her role at the religious office.
In a similar manner, the justice of Sister Aloysius caution to Sr James, that innocence is equal to irresponsibility, while criticizing she denies the young teacher her happiness during the time at the holiday. The young teacher is tormented by Aloysiuss on purpose crushing of her optimistic world; she cannot exist with the doubt that keeps her wide awake at night, after some time she opts to believe in the priest, the priest has entirely innocent account for his actions. Father Flynn as an ambassador of the younger has clear doubts concerning his personal behaviors but on the other side he is self-righteously safe that the male ladder of the Church will come to his rescue from all the accusations from sister Aloysius. In ...
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