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Music defines cultures and used to pass critical information from one generation to another. Therefore, the role of music in people lives is enormous. First of all, music is widely used for entertainment. People…

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CD 361 -

Lastly, and for this paper, music have been found to help people to read, concentrate, and remain focused in their studies. This paper will evaluate the claims of various researchers who have studied the impact of music in helping student in learning.
There is evidence that show that student perform better when they are educated through music. Research indicate that music education helpstudent to develop foundationalcapability to learn and achieve better understanding of other academic courses. Moreover, music education has shown to increase the development of skills, expertise, and knowledge required in the life success of a person. Therefore, music education an important lesson that thestudent should consider in order to help them develop the require skills to master the art of learning. Moreover, scholars say that music produces a unique pleasure that thehuman being cannot live without in their life.
Music education enhances learner’s motor skills. Motor skills help learners can utilize the small and acute muscle in writing, typing, and enhancement of another physical movement that are essential in learning. Moreover, the brain organ responsible for motor and sensory function is developed and improved by music training. Arts Education Partnership argues that students trained in music have better sensory and motor function capability than other students not trained in music.
Scientist have found that music learning help student develop capability required in solving complex math problems. Student who has studied music hove been found to perform better in maths than student who has never had music learning in their life(Arts Education Partnership 3).Music learning strengthens part of thebrain that is used in the processing of complex calculations through practicing in themusic. Scholars argue that students who studied music in their middle school perform significantly better to non-music counterparts(Arts Education Partnership 3). This is because ...
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