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After having weathered the global economic crisis, Butler &Berrett (2012) argue that the economy has continue to remain rather fragile and its eventual rebound is seen to not have occurred nearly as quickly as had originally been projected by analysts. Butler &Berrett (2012) point out that this has had the effect of causing the economy to experience relatively very little job growth and movement as the unemployed individuals continue to remain in an unemployed state for significantly longer time periods.
In their article, Butler &Berrett (2012) argue that the American working force is progressively getting older and working for more years and the baby boomer generation is currently defying the age long tradition of working for about 30 years before going into retirement. These individuals are now preferring to continue with working well past their retirement age. According to Butler &Berrett (2012), data presented by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that there are currently over 142.6 million people in employment and that are aged 40 years and over. These individuals are seen to account for 46% of the U.S. population. In addition to this, the paper highlights the plight that is normally faced by the older generation in the workplace as a result of frequent discrimination and then goes on to propose a practical approach that potentially be used by human resource personnel and educators so as to ensure that all the various employee related decisions are seen to be handled in what is a consistent, ethical and fair manner.
In their Ageism in the workplace article that appeared in theSpring 2007 editions of the Generations Journal, Helen Dennis and Kathryn Thomas start off by affirming that ageism is currently seen to be firmly entrenched as part of the main social fabric in American life. They argue that the practice of ageism is widely pervasive as is clearly evident across some of the different sectors such as education, media, healthcare and ...
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In a journal article appearing in the 2012 issue of Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 11, that was titled A generation lost: The reality of age discrimination intoday’s hiring practices, Thomas Butler and Beth BerrettAttempt to try and expose the dilemma that is…
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