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When an employee complaints about issues within the workplace, one of the main things to look out for is a letter written to complain formally about violations at the workplace. According to section 8f, the complaint has to be reduced to writing, where the grounds for an…


In this case, the informal complaint did not cause OSHA to send a letter, but the inspector showed up nonetheless. The important thing is for the inspector to show a warrant that allows him to carry out any inspection in the workplace. In fact, the Supreme Court declared that no OSHA inspections should take place without the availability of a warrant or consent to enter a workplace for inspection (Bailey et al., 2008). Further, the individual is grumpy and well known for his disgruntlement, which is something that should be taken into consideration. If more than 80% of complaints are false, the inspector cannot continue acting without consulting the management.
OSHA requires a warrant at this time because the issues the disgruntled employee reported could be dealt with at the corporate level (Lasowski, 2010). Having to ask for an inspection because of a disgruntled employee will inconvenience the management, and it is important that the OSHA inspector sits with the management and discusses the issues taking place. This will also lead to consented inspection to prove that the company has taken into consideration everything discussed and complained about by the employee. After the inspector leaves, I will take the initiative to sit down with the employee and discuss issues at the workplace. The employee must respect the rules and regulations at the workplace, and offer undivided support towards the accomplishment of goals within the organization. It will be clear that the organization must stand firm as it seeks to achieve its goals.
The information needed then is about the extent of the danger the employees are in. The idea is to understand the danger level and the violations that may cause litigations to the company. These will be noted against the repeated number of occurrences to ensure that they have not been reported before to avoid further complication of the issues at hand (Bailey et al., ...
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