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Like any other problem-solving court, the juvenile drug court features familiar theme, like, strong judicial interaction, meet the requirements of the adolescent client, appreciation for power of change as well as the growth of the adolescent, and integrated treatment…

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Article Review

The author clearly states an explicit thesis and has a specific point of view; the impact of juvenile drug courts on drug use and criminal behavior. What prompted the researchers to carry out this study is that there is very limited literature that supports the effectiveness of the juvenile drug courts (JDC). Therefore, the study was aimed to fill in the gap on the effectiveness of JDCs. The audiences for the article include criminal justice agencies, teachers, parents, young children and youths, psychologists, law enforcement agents, and medical practitioners.
The article is organized into an abstract, introduction, study objectives, methodology, results, discussion and analysis, and conclusion. The article’s abstract provides a summary of the study. The juvenile drug courts have adopted the models together with philosophy of courts for adults, however, their successes in bringing down drug addiction together with juvenile deliquency have been mixed. The research study made comparisons on juvenile drug courts with youths receiving standard probation on alcohol and other drugs to criminal re-offences 3 to 30 months after the youths had served the juvenile drug court’s probation. The study uses a quasi-experimental design. The participants included youth who participated in either probation (596) or JDC (622) between 2003 and 2007. The study results found out that probation and JDC youth did not differ significantly on alcohol and other drugs offending. Contrarily, the JDC juveniles had statistically significant fewer delinquent crimes in contrast to those on probation, with the difference between the groups widening with extended follow-up periods.
The authors start by providing a background information on JDCs. This enables the readers to have a background knowledge of the study. Various interventions have been used to address juvenile delinquency. The most common strategy in the juvenile justice system is punishment that is ...
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