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Admission/Application Essay
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This means that critical thinking involves learning to think in evaluative and analytical ways by way of cognitive processes like categorization, selection, attention, and judgment. Over the…

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Essentially, there are ranges of abilities and dispositions that can now be correlated with critical thinking. These can be grouped in two broad ways; ability to reflect in a sceptical manner, and the ability to develop and sustain a habit of thinking in a reasoned manner (Lavery & Hughes, 2011). When it comes to scepticism in critical thinking, one gets to see an element of polite doubt. Thus, scepticism often means that one have to go through the life course without paying any regard to what he/she hears or sees. I have realized that this may not be very much helpful. This is because it has on many occasions prevented me from holding the possibility that what I know at a given point in time may be just a part of the whole picture. When critical thinking is developed, one gets the necessary tools to apply scepticism and start doubting in a constructive manner for purposes of analyzing the situations that lie ahead. This has helped me in making better and well-informed decisions on whether something is effective, productive or even true.
Over the course of my studies in high school, I noted that some students appeared to be more naturally sceptical while others were easier to be trusting. However, I have to note that these variations may be due to personality characteristics or past experiences. A concise analysis of critical thinking shows that it is not all about personality or the natural characteristics. Rather, it is concerned with a specific set of methods directed at exploring evidence in a particular manner (Lavery & Hughes, 2011). Thus, sceptical individuals may need structured approaches that can help them to cultivate trust in the likelihood of an outcome, just like those who are more trusting need methods that can assist them in doubting constructively.
I have come to appreciate the fact that critical thinking is linked to reasoning or an individual’s capacity to perform rational thought. The word ‘rational’ in ...
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