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While Eugene city in Oregon has a store, Portland, Oregon has two. The store in Eugene is the one that I visited. Renowned for Chicken Tikka Masala, the restaurant sells Indian…

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Summary 1

At the moment, the restaurant has 9 employees perceived as being loyal. The restaurant has adopted a simple design and purpose.
The buffet set-up comprises of numerous dining tables in addition to a big steam table. A family style of service is adopted where customers serve from bowls and plates. In the kitchen, meat would be flame grilled and deep fryers would be used for fried foods. The restaurant seeks to offer quality food at reasonable prices to its clients, combined with exemplary service, so as to make its profits.
Looking at the physical structure, the restaurant, measuring 3,000 ft2 and constructed on an acre of land, is built of vinyl siding. The window trim is made of wooden shingle. The location is in proximity to a mega shopping area which has stores like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Kroger and the ancient Eugene Mall. This area is under frequent patrol by policemen thus making it a low-crime area with no criminal activity having been reported from any store. Even more, the interesting lighting in the area boosts security.
The ceiling has small lighting fixtures and back-up lighting which operates independent of generators. Street lights erected between shrubbery hedging surround the parking lot of the building with a spotlight which remains switched on throughout, shining on the front of the building. The store has several exit and entry doors; there is one exit/entry on the side, another at the front and yet another in the kitchen area. An alarm has been installed and it goes off when the back door, reserved for employees, opens. A concrete brick wall surrounds the courtyard accessed through the side exit. A counter blocks off a drive-up window and a door, these having been present since the building was bought, creating a room for serving supplies. In the same area, a cash register will be found. This location secures the cash register and supplements security from indoor surveillance. The store has three surveillance cameras which capture ...
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