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While he thought that the theory would reconcile religions and cultures, they all turned against such civilization in unity; no religion has ever embraced Evolution. There still exists a rift in the theories and myths of origin of man and death.
The aim of this paper shall be to critically discuss the topic origin and death of man from the various aforementioned perspectives. By so doing, a clear comparison or contrast among different ideologies and myths shall be exposed. One of the objectives is to compare how the topic has also been discussed by Benton Banai (The Mishomis Book), Rainey Gaywish, Dr. Brian Rice (Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes), and Vine Deloria Jr. (God is Red). Another objective would be to approve or disapprove the mythology and theories on the origin of man.
The origin of man has usually been discussed on the platforms of Creation and Evolution theories. The beliefs and myths of the Aboriginals have always been sidelined by many philosophers and scientists. In as much creation and evolution seems to be the most universalized and civilized approaches, the Aboriginals are quite rich cultures and myths that need to be understood, as Benton Banai and Vine Deloria describe in their books.
Evolution, offers that all living organisms originated from a common ancestor. Evolution has been defined as the gradual genetic change that the species usually undergo due to the environmental pressures. The DNA, a vital element of the animal cell, has taken all the living creatures to a single common ancestor. Most animals share the patterns of their DNA. This was before the evolution took place. The evolution eventually took place and the organisms have been biologically and geographically separated from each other. Evolution took place in three different forms. These are: Gradualism, Speciation and the Natural selection. In gradualism, the species take several generations to attain the desired change that will enhance their ...
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This topic has sparingly marred with myths, beliefs, theology and conflicting philosophical ideologies. The world is divided along religious and cultural lines in the argument…
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