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Critical thinking(Dose Business culture in Europe influence the culture in Asian?)

Both cultures ensure that they are always well in touch with what is trending and popular and incorporate this in their own way into their business practices. Another notable aspect in the evaluation of business culture in the two continents is the close proximity in location (Consulting, 2009). This obviously allows them influence each other every so often. However, as with any two systems, there is likelihood that if one has a superior culture (one that is more dominant) their influence on their counterpart would be far more noticeable. In this regard, this paper has determined that the European culture is the far more dominant on a global perspective and therefore influences the Asian business Culture, just as well as the rest of the world. Some of the influences in question are more outstanding and noticeable while some not so much (Jones, 2006). This paper will outline both kinds of influences but focus more on the outstanding influences. The aim of this paper briefly, is to come to a viable conclusion on whether European business culture has had any influence on Asian business culture. This conclusion is drawn from a viable research. The paper takes into context all factors and perspectives of importance on the issue at hand.
This paper took into account scholarly research on the topic at hand. Oxelheim( 2006) determines that the European culture has certain attributes that are specific only to it. This attributes, although having been emulated in other parts of the world are distinctively European. The attributes in question have a relation to the historical or political lifestyle of the European continent and are therefore, for the most part, noticeable. One of the distinctive attributes that Oxelheim( 2006) lays out is the inclination towards family based entrepreneurship. Although other cultures do have this, the European one is more versatile. This is in that, most family based businesses in ...
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The European culture as a whole is very monarchial with a lot of reliance on politics. The political leaderships in European countries are what most of the lifestyle is based upon. Asia, on the other…
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