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Final Exam: Management of Sport Organizations

This greatly affects the sports industry positively as many sports do not include women in their governance. This motivates women participation in sports; inclusion of women in the management team also eradicates the issue of gender inequality within the sports industry (Home - SportsBusiness Journal, n.d.).
The change of leadership within the IOC ended Jacques Rogge era, bringing in the era of Thomas Bach, once the leadership changed, the new leader, Bach pushed the organization to a new direction that impacts the sport industry positively. His first attempt was the change for the way the selection of the Olympic sports is undertaken; the new management pushed for improvements within the sports industry. The decisions made within the governance of the IOC include the increase in transparency within the sports industry; within these, the IOC publishes the accounts in compliance with the international financial reporting standards. The standards aim at reducing corruption within the sports industry which is one of the main challenges. The international Olympic committee also made the story of the year with their unending efforts in attempt to ensure compliance and strengthened ethics within the sports industry
Among the companies that made the news is the Daytona International Speedway Corporation working under the international speedway corporation. What gave them a rank in the newsmakers is the improvements within the track, generally the new management focuses and is rethinking the new tracking experiences. Its new motives are improving the whole Daytona International Speedway through rebuilding, rebuilding in turn will result in a speedway that can accommodate new big leagues, and offered a new approach to the premium arenas and hospitality. The president’s main target is ensuring that the Daytona Speedway not only offers support in the sports industry, encourages new talents but also attracts more fans, which in turn ...
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The chosen story for the “story of the year” is the international Olympic committee (IOC) the international Olympic committee cuts across the internationals sports federations, the organizing committee, the athletes, the partners, the United Nation agencies and the…
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