Discuss how Beethoven's hearing loss effected his music. Include sources devoted to the matter. Target the year he became comple

Discuss how Beethoven
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To the casual observer it may seem as something impossible that an individual that was entirely and completely deaf could continue to create complex works of classical music. However, this was very much the case with regards to the character of Beethoven. Although it cannot be said that his deafness did not impact upon his production of classical music during his lifetime, it can be said that this condition did not stop him entirely from creating some of the most complex and beautiful works that the classical period can boast.


Whereas he remains one of the most well recognized and famous classical composers, scholars still debate what the ultimate cause of Beethoven’s hearing loss might have been. Beethoven himself described its onset as a troublesome ringing in his ears. Medical professionals at that time as well as today believe that the condition could have been brought on by an acute illness that he suffered during early adulthood. Whatever the cause, Beethoven began to experience a noticeable level of hearing loss by the age of 26. Scholars are aware of this due to the fact that it was at this age that Beethoven first mentioned that the hearing loss was troubling him in his correspondence to friends and family. As one might expect, for someone as passionate about music as was Beethoven, such a loss was tantamount to complete and total defeat and desolation. ...
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