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Name: Student Number: 1. Talk about the idea of a “traditional musician,” a term that is used fairly frequently in Western culture. Use the bio of Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka to illustrate your points. What does it mean to be a traditional musician? Why is this still important?


This influence allows him to play violin or shepherd’s flute at present the way how his grandfather would have done it. This depicts the point that the case of Krzysztof shows us what it means to be a traditional musician. This idea presents us important information that being a traditional musician means bringing exactly the things from the past at present and initiate them how the ancestors would have done them. The case of Krzysztof is an example of how one might bring the old traditions effectively at play even at present and making them alive just as how the people exactly performed them from the past. This means that Krzysztof is the best example of what a traditional musician is. We can observe from his life how he wants the old tradition that he witnessed from his grandfather to stay at work at present as it was from the past. This probably will bring us another idea that Krzysztof has exactly a great affinity for traditional music that his grandfather introduced to him when he was younger. To become a traditional musician is therefore important because as already stated, it allows the traditions to stay alive at present. 2. ...
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