Hip Hop Dance (Documentary Responses)

Hip Hop Dance (Documentary Responses) Essay example
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Planet B-Boy (The world of being a B-boy) The Planet B–Boy is a movie that tells us the story about how a group of young American boys fight to bring back the glory of hip hop dance associated with their country. Although the hip hop dance style was invented in the America but over the years, this dance style was started to dominate by the people and dancers from Europe Asia other countries.


According to Williams, when the particular dance move or form was evolved in the 1970s, there was a lot of doubt theta whether this form going to last for too long or not. The starting of this famous dance step was associated with black & Latino teenagers, used to gather in a group and spin on their heads with a piece of cardboard with the tune of hip-hop music. At present, this dancing style becomes more and more attractive with mesmerizing choreography, complex and eye-popping acrobats into its gravity-defying routine. The planet B boy was a true homage or tribute to all the rubber limb performers of a hip hop act which was started by a poor kid somewhere in the ghetto with a radio and passion for self expression. Rize Documentary (The Birth of Krumping): The documentary movie Rize provides us a window to analyze the black culture in the city of Los Angeles and to it he introduction of krumping dance movement. This movie gives us a clear idea about the dancing form Krumping along with the black culture in USA. The documentary movie Rize was directed by David La Chapelles in the year 2005. This clearly indicates that Characterization of the dancers has a direct impact of the marketability. ...
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