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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Emotional Effect Music Can Have on a Film On screen music, according to, film composer Bernard Herrmann; pursues and brings intensity to the internal thoughts of the characters; depending on the emotional context of a scene, it can bring about, misery, joy, terror among other emotions and it can accelerate or slow down the speed of the narrative (Fischoff 1).


However, since then music has played a variety of roles in movies ranging from, being a part of the story in musicals, soundtracks or as it occurs within the story, ie when characters are listening to a radio or in a club, notably, the most common use is as background soundtracks used alongside, cartoons and action films and it is only heard by the audience not the characters. Contrary to popular assumption, a film is not a singularly visual experience, despite the fact that the greater part of the experience is visual, there is an equally significant audio experience and this is underscored by the variety of sound fidelity options availed to movie viewers today. For the emotional response of the film to be appreciated, it is important that one begins by recognizing that films are fundamentally fantasies. Thus for the audience to enjoy an experience that may defy the logic of their everyday thinking, music is often hardy to work on their subconscious and makes one susceptible to the illusion on screen. ...
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