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Musical Research: A Discussion of Punk Rock Your Name Instructors Name Course Name Due Date Introduction Music is a uniquely universal phenomenon. Every country and every culture all over the world have developed music as part of tradition, religion, or entertainment…


One such musical genre that has and continues to have a powerful effect on listeners that are drawn to it is Punk Rock. Punk Rock is recognized by its harsh instrumentals, loud, often, angry vocals, and “mohawked” fans wearing leather and chains. It would, definitely be characterized as an acquired taste; either you love it or you hate it. Regardless of your opinion of this musical genre no one can deny its relevance in musical history. Punk Rock has had a profound impact on musical sound, style, politics, and social unrest. History Music has a tendency to reflect the concerns of the people, their wants, hopes, and prayers; it represents the sound of their feelings, and thoughts of those who relate to it. Understanding the context of the lyrics, the artist’s intention of the piece and how it relates to life and environments and that sound becomes part of us. In some ways music, often, parallels with historical events and real human experiences. Punk Rock is definitely such an apt example. In order to grasp the scope of Punk Rock it will be necessary to discuss its origins, its purpose, and how it reflected the cultural happenings that gave birth to it, individually. The Birth of Punk Rock In the mid to late 1960s the term “punk rock” was coined to describe the local garage bands. ...
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