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Complete Name Professor: Course: Date of Submission: Hiphop -- My Music and Identity Whenever I hear a song and I find myself drawn to the beat and the lyrics, I would figure right away that the song is going to engage me in an addictive thought and hobby that last for as long as it allows me to perceive a sight of inspiration or wonder within hopeless circumstances.


To me, it occurs that the subject of the song is most effectively conveyed via hiphop as it reminds me of the essence of classic poetry revolutionized by the age of Harlem Renaissance. Hiphop is a genre that takes me to the rhythm of my heart as it allows me to observe its journey down the time when artists like Tupac Shakur and Machine Gun Kelly matter in a society that has since time of racial and class division yearned for social justice and equality. Through the piece “Invincible”, for instance, Machine Gun Kelly raps the lines “As my world turns, the heart beats / Not only in my chest, but the heart in the streets / So when they feel this, they feel me / But I can’t feel nothin’, outside these Dre Beats” in an angst-filled tone. In that manner, rapper Kells wears hiphop so as to express a battle raw deep within which seeks release and resolution. ...
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