read chapter Nighn 9 and answer the questions

read chapter Nighn 9 and answer the questions Essay example
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Complete Name: Professor: Course: Date of Submission: (1) Who were the three primary singers involved with the creation and popularization of Nueva Cancion? In Chile specifically, what was the government response to the Nueva Cancion? What happened to Victor Jara and others during the coup that overthrew President Allende?


These musicians were responsible for promoting Nueva Cancion in support of an intensive leftist protest that expressed distaste for a totalitarian and capitalist regime as well as imperialism which occurred to corrupt the nation’s cultural identity at that period. As a turning point in the history of the movement, the presidential campaign of Salvador Allende in 1970 became sensationalized especially as it managed to convey the leader’s strong Marxist convictions through an open election in which the Nueva cancioneros contributed rhythms that thematically coincided with Allende’s communist principles. At the time, the government may be perceived as a government of revolution which responded in utter agreement to the combined political ideals and musical creativity of the radical artists. The short-lived administration and the forerunning characters of the Nueva Cancion were of a single heart and passion in being pro-people so that their joint forces, as a whole, were accounted for as highly significant in Latin American history, having influenced the world with songs that communicate advocacies for human rights, anti-oppression, ethnicity, liberation, anti-poverty, and non-dictatorial martial rule. ...
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