Music Appreciation of Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach

Music Appreciation of Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach Essay example
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The Baroque period, which lasted for a century and half, is an important phase in the history of music.It is in this period that artists explored and developed a new realm of music, which, although was considered overtly ornamental and decorative during then, is now believed to be a significant era.


The prominent musicians in the Baroque period were Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Frederic Handel, Arcangelo Corelli etc, of which the most important was Johann Sebastian Bach. The paper at hand is a music appreciation of J S Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto, which was composed by him for the Calvinist chapel of the court that promoted instrumental music. The Baroque period is unique in terms of its various characteristic traits including its mood, melody, rhythm, texture, articulation, dynamics, style, basso continuo, timbre etc. The Brandenburg Concertos is primarily a collection of six movements and here the focus is on movement number one. Thus, this paper tries to use these elements and show how J S Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos is representative of Baroque music. Although the exact date of composition of the Brandenburg Concertos is still a mystery, it is known that Johann Sebastian Bach presented them to the Margrave of Brandenburg in the year 1721. What makes this piece Baroque is mainly its composition in that period, however for modern people, it is important to know the exact features that make the concertos an apt example of Baroque music. First of all, the most distinct feature of Baroque music is probably its unity of mood, this means that the mood remains same throughout the composition. Now in case of the Brandenburg Concertos, one can see that this is true, as the first movement of the concertos has a kind of happy mood from beginning till the end. ...
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