read chapter and answer the questions (music)

read chapter and answer the questions (music) Essay example
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Complete Name: Professor: Course: Date of Submission: 1. Why are the words of the blues so important? (Use the life of Bill Lucas to help make your points.) How do the blues reflect their original context (the times in which they were born)? Again, not all of this answer is in your book – you will need to think a while about it.


Through world history, it has become widely known that blacks had a significant number of excruciating encounters of slavery, social injustice, sex and labor abuse, as well as other forms of oppression, being treated as an inferior race and all these, apparently, constitute the lyrical blues quite specific to them. On this ground, the words of the blues acquire profound essence as they collectively embody the nature and identity of the blacks in association to their ordeals, sufferings, adventures, and indifference to the superior race through times. As a concrete instance, when Bill Lucas sings “I’m just a poor boy; people, I can’t even write my name / Every letter in the alphabet to me they look the same … I just been a poor boy; ain’t caught nothing but hell”, he sings to the true beat of black rhythm that speaks of poverty and lack of academic opportunity due to color discrimination, affecting many black communities including his family whose main wage source comes from farming. 2. ...
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