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As She's Walking Away

The title of the song “As She’s Walking Away” reflects a song that is inspired by a woman who is walking away from a man in a particular setting that is yet to be determined, but will be determined by the song’s lyrics. From the title, one can gather that it was one of those circumstances where a man saw or was with an attractive woman and something happened that made her to walk away. In order to determine the meaning of the song, one needs to delve into the details of the song’s lyrics. The opening lyrics reveal that the man and woman in this song had never met before and that they were in a room where they could see each other face to face. However, the man seems not to have enough courage to walk over and talk to her. The man admits not to know her name and he blames it to his foolish pride. The meaning of the song is further revealed as one continues to listen to the song. Now that the man has not had guts to walk over and talk to this pretty woman that he has admired, the woman is walking away as he claims to be falling in love with her. In the chorus of the song, the man admits to the fact that he has lost the battle of approaching this woman because his heart would not tell his mind to tell his mouth what to say to this woman. However, he encourages himself that he lives to fight another day. ...
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Date As She's Walking Away “As She’s Walking Away” is the song title performed by an American country music band called the Zac Brown Band. It is the first song from the band’s album You Get What You Give and it is band’s sixth single release…
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