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Answer those Questions. Assignment example
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Music Name Date Question 1 Question 2 Instrument Country, tribe, region Category Brief Description 8.Diddley bow Africa American/ West Africa chordophone A single string stretched out between 2 nails on a cardboard. 9.washboard North America Idiophone Wooden idiophone.


12. Guiro Latin America Idiophone Gourd idiophone. Hollow gourd with analogous notches made in one side. 13.Cuatro Latin America (especially Puerto Rico) Chordophone 4 stringed short guitar. 14.Water Drum Native America (Iroquois, Wyandot, and Huron) Membranophone Skin drum. Drum filled with water with the covering of dry animal skin. Question 3 15. The traces of the origins of tango are found in Buenos Aires city in Argentina. Tango began among the poor and low class population inhabiting the slums of the city. 16. Bandoneon, Charango,Lute, Chirimia 17. Refer to the instructor’s notes 18. Vargas De Tecalitlan’ 19. The grand entrance: parade or gathering of all dancers on the dance arena. 20. Refer to instructor’s notes 21. Vocables are syllables or sounds that are meaningless or seem to have no meaning. Native Americans used vocables to create rhythm and tempo in their music. 22. The ghost dance 23. The countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Togo. It originated from the Yoruba religion. 24. Joropo is considered Venezuela’s national dance. Meanwhile, Tango is Argentina’s national dance. Finally, the Marinera dance is the Peruvian national dance. The Jarabe Tapatio dance is associated with the Mexican revolution. 25. The carnival was originally a religious celebration. It is usually celebrated in July. ...
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