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Name Course Date Concert Experiences The two concerts that I attended, the Calyx Trio and the St. Petersburg String Quartet were excellent concerts. These concerts featured disparate influences from the modern and classical eras. What I enjoyed most about listening to these two concerts were the different influences that I heard throughout the pieces, and these influences ranged everywhere from Hungarian folk music to modern music influenced by Gershwin, Copeland and Porter.


The piano trio, which consisted of a piano, a cello and a violin, was excellent, as was the string quartet with the special guest Mack McCray on the piano. The overall feeling of both of these musical ensembles was that there was a certain lightness to the playing, at least in spots. I really enjoy the cello, especially, as it tends to have such rich tones, and it complemented the piano on the Calyx piano trio very well. As did the violin. What struck me was that, between both concerts, the music was very similar. There were periods where the music sounded like folk music, like Hungarian folk music, and then there were spots were I could detect a slight Celtic bent to the music. Then, there were periods of the concert when the music sounded more like modern music, with a hint of Igor Stravinsky in some of the chords. That is, there were periods where the music became allegro and the musicians played them with great passion and verve. Mack McCray was an amazing pianist. He played with a great flow and passion, and there was not a note that was out of place. ...
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