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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Latin Music Introduction Bossa nova is one of the most popular and celebrated music genres in Brazil because it brings a new trend to the industry. This type of music was created and spread in the 1950s and early 1960s with it roots from samba-jazz music.


This kind of easy gong trend of bossa nova made it to be branded as music with no political perception or involvement. Since it was created, this music has been part of typical jazz collection and it is perceived to be a genre for middle as well as upper class within Brazil. It was initially created among wealthy neighbourhoods and across beaches with the melodies focusing on love, the alluring beaches, and the beauty of women (Merrell 282). History and Roots of Bossa Nova Music It is evident that the word “bossa nova” was initially revealed through a song made in Brazil the year 1932. Noel Rosa a famous songwriter who mentioned briefly this new kind of style in his song “Coisas Nossas” in those early days did this. However, it was not until later in 1958 that this genre of music became popular with the record “Cancao do Amor Demais” which means “song of too much love” was released. Joao Gilberto who took the guitar to sing the song “Chega de Saudade” translated as No More Blues in the United States introduced the bossa nova, Antinion Carlos Jobim popularly known as Tom while Elizeth Moreira Cardoso did the vocal wrote it. This creation of a new trend of music generated an immediate sensation in the industry and attracting many followers (Henry 57). ...
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