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The Life and Business of a Music Manager [Name] [Course] [Professor] [Date] The Life and Business of a Music Manager Several musicians employ untrained, unqualified and inexperienced friends, parents, or fans as their managers. While nothing and no one can guarantee the success of an artist in the administration of a professional music manager, a realistic match between the musician’s needs and the manager’s skills is important.


75). The music manager is responsible for shaping the music and entertainment career of a singer. It is the duty of the manager to guide the artist on almost every phase of the career. The manager helps in securing a recording contract for the artist, assists in the selection of songs, develops schemes for a stable and lasting career, selects the record company, booking agent, road manager, and other music professionals, and supervises the singer’s associations with each one. The manager also advises the artist on the appropriate singing engagements, endorsements and employment (eds Strand, Kouchoukas & Rattner 2005). It is the manager who institutes the objectives and strategies for the development of the singer’s career. He controls the album releases and marketing, tour schedules, and advertising promotions. ...
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