Hip Hop: A Contemporary Business Model from the UK

Hip Hop: A Contemporary Business Model from the UK Dissertation example
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Hip Hop. It has been adopted by young people the world over and is not presently synonymous with African Americans who were its founder’s decades ago, as matter of fact; the music has given birth to a multibillion dollar industry spanning all the continents of the world, (KRS-ONE, 2009, p12).


Unlike the US, the UK hip hop industry was founded at the beginning of 1980’s and was cross racial, (Oliver & Leffel, 2006, P 48). The reason for this racial mixture was because contrary to the US, ethnic groups in Britain were not segregated and even in regions that had predominantly non white individuals, there were other ethnicities which facilitated cultural exchanges that formed part of the hip hop genre. Even with its development, major record labels in the UK shied away from the genre and successful artists in this industry were those who moved to America like Slick Rick, while artists in Britain stayed mostly underground. Given the London accent that was adopted by British rappers and the melodic differences between US and UK hip hop at their founding stages, the two industries have managed to be very comparable with the end result being distinct individual genres that keep UK and US hip hop at the helm of the chats, (Oliver & Leffel, 2006, P 48).
In the year 2003, which is almost a decade ago, data provided on album sales for the Hip hop industry in the US was estimated at $2.8 billion and the total industry value stood at $10 billion. The industry has since made substantial gains and expanded to incorporate businesses in other unrelated industries as artists invest in fashion, beverages, production companies, restaurants and night clubs. ...
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