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Themes in Beatrice di Tenda, Erotica and Palestrina Name Institution Date Themes in Beatrice di Tenda, Erotica and Palestrina Beatrice di Tenda is an opera in two casts, a tragic opera by Vincenzo Belini. The composition is from a libretto by Felice Romani.


The most notable of these modifications that led to the revival of the opera was the 1961 revival by America Opera Society (Yang, 2011). The chorus of the opera plays the most vital role in relaying the message the composer intends to put across. Unlike in Bellini’s earlier operas, the chorus comments on the action of the protagonist and also advises and comforts him in the true spirit of Classical Greek Drama. Although the initial performances of the opera did not present a good reception of the audience, it was Pasta’s outstanding display of the piece that overcame hostility of the public towards the opera. The piece became one of the operas by Bellini to be published in full score during the composer’s lifetime. Symphony No 3 in E-Flat Major (Opera 55) by Ludwig van Beethoven is also known as Erotica. The musical work is a revival of Van Beethoven’s middle period (Zhu, 2009). It is a musical composition n of immense structural rigor and emotional depth. Analysts regard the composition as a mature display of classical style of the late 18th Century. The symphony defines some features of romantic style that would later hold sway in the 19th Century. In performing the symphony, the composition requires that the performance uses 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, 2 clarinets, 3 horns and 2 flutes (Yang, 2011). Performance also requires the use of two trumpets in E-flat and C, and strings. The performance takes approximately 52 minutes. ...
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