The Beatles as Musicians

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In the beginning of 1960s, a Liverpool based English rock band- The Beatles, came forward with all its zeal and zest in the United Kingdom. At that time, no band equaled the influence and popularity of the four stars of the Beatles- John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Paul McCartney.


This band, most often, preferred to incorporate classical music in innovative ways. Back to the history, 1960s was the era where people widely experienced ‘Beatlemania’ as a result of the growing popularity and enormous boom of the four stars. However, with the passage of time, the group more concentrated on song writing that was deeply influenced by sophistication. Basically, this allowed the cultural observers and huge number of fans to perceive Beatles as revolutionists. Beatles as the Singers While getting a start in 1960s, Beatles built up their reputation through clubs in Hamburg and Liverpool. Their manager Epstein worked hard to mould the young guys into professionals whereas George Martin, the producer, improved the musical potential of the new band. In late 1962, Beatles gained tremendous popularity after releasing their first album, “Love Me Do” which was huge fame in United Kingdom. ‘Beatlemania’ grew at great pace in Britain and the young guys were popularly known as ‘Fab Four’ in the four corners of United Kingdom. By 1964, the band gained international popularity in the pop market. From 1965 onward, Beatles produced the finest material of their career as many music critics most often consider. Their big hits blend with sophistication and fine touch include Rubber Soul, Revolver, The Beatles and Abbey Road. Later on, in 1970, the four stars got a break- up and finally started enjoying their successful independent musical careers afterwards.
As singers and musicians, in 1960s, the Beatles not only inspired psychedelic movement in Great Britain but the group also gave a new turn to singing world. ...
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