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Popular Music in America Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction The impact of technology has been invariably felt across most segments of human life ranging from education, entertainment, medicine just to mention a few; nevertheless, there are few areas where technology has had as significant effect as in the music industry.


Granted that the process involved technology since even the now archaic sounding process was technologically advanced at the time, today’s technological advances have revolutionized the scene completely. A musician has the choice of using instruments or using electronically produced music or beats, in addition, instead of a studio, there is a variety of software they could use to record their music even from their home pc.1 The marketing of the music is also not done exclusively on hardware and indeed most of today’s music produces sell their music via the internet on sites such as iTunes and are paid online as well. This essay will provide a detailed discussion of some of the major changes that technology has occasioned in the music industry both in the creation distribution and marketing of music as well as the impact to the industry and society in general. The electric guitar is perhaps the most important popular “landmark” in the advent of modern technology into the music industry, using a pickup system of electric sounds, the guitar senses vibrations from the strings and transmits them as electric signal the final product is a wave equal to that of the string. ...
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