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Name Instructor Course Date Piano concert report The concert takes place at La Roque d'Antheron. The performance of the day is by pianist Yundi Li where he plays 4 Chopin Scherzos and the encore is La Campanella. The video starts with Yundi Li appearing and bowing before his audience, who seem and sound eager to experience a touch of classic plays from this great pianist.


The tempi are reasonable, and although it is occasionally hurried, it comes out correct. His overall performance of these works is awesome. On the other hand, there is sloppy photography. Watching a classical performance should always differ from watching any form of drama, where the photographer knows when and where to focus, especially on the face or hands. This production really misses it, and those watching have to be wishing that the photographer at least zooms in and shows his hands work magic. It is no doubt that Yundi Li’s thoughtfulness and expressive interpretation and recreation of this work certainly demonstrates that contrary to his age, he is actually a very mature and talented artist and whose skills will obviously grow as he grows. Yundi has a very fantastic interpretation and re creation of the Scherzi. This may be the first time that the ‘chopin humour’ is heard in any of these pieces. Yundi is also keen on giving the much needed emphasis to the left-hand, where one only wonders, isn’t it just amazing that someone can actually play in this way? Then in comes the Liszt Sonata. The Liszt Sonata is among the best recordings ever. Yundi gives it justice with his amazing skill and passion. ...
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