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Name Course Course Instructor Date Using Musical Elements To Analyse The Poem, “Dear March, Come In!” With Relation To the Song, “Dream Variations” Introduction The poem, “Dear March, Come In!” is a simple piece by a person who loves the month of March so much that he/she has been waiting for it year long.


This paper is an analysis of the poem, “Dear March, Come In!” in a musical setting. It will explain the choices made in order to place the song in a musical setting. It will then compare the poem with a recorded version of the song, “Dream Variations” and finally draw conclusions on whether there were any effects of the recorded version of the song to the poem. Part I: Poem Analysis in a Musical Setting The poem, “Dear March, Come In!” is a cheerful song, one in which the author expresses joy and happiness in the arrival of the month of March. In the poem, the speaker, while expressing his joy to the arrival of March, uses different expressions and words to explain his feelings. In a musical setting, I would use the through-composed form of music in order to express these feelings of the speaker. Since through-composed form contains different music for every stanza, and the poem has different ideas and mixed feelings in the various stanzas, then, this would be the best way to go about the song. In a musical setting, using the correct singers, combined with the right instruments is the best way of creating the best record song. In a musical setting, due to the high range of the poem, I would use singers with a high range of voice, signifying the mood of the song, which is cheerful. ...
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