Jackson’s “Scaryland”

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Ever seen a “skeleton” doing the “Moonwalk”. Now you will be aware of whom we are going to discuss about. Yes, it is none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.


Playing for 37 minutes, this visual and musical treat was even honored as the longest music video in history by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002. Although considered to be one of the great works of Jackson, it did not receive enough promotion and appreciation during the period of its release. However, now with the advent of Internet and YouTube, anybody can have a glimpse of this excellent work. Thus, the focus will be on the musical and visual content of the video, discussing whether or not the two relate, then the narrative part, and finally place the video within the greater context of his life and career to find out whether Jackson is making any statement. Overview In this film, Michael portrays five characters, the Maestro, the Mayor of Normal Valley, the skeleton of Maestro, the Super Ghoul and the Ghoul mayor, all of which was achieved by the magic of extensive makeup. The plot starts with the Mayor of Normal Valley along with some delighted kids and angry parents entering the Scary Land, a creepy and haunted mansion of Maestro. Maestro is a man who lives alone and known to possess supernatural powers. The introduction of Michael Jackson wearing a hood and a skeleton mask does prove him as a master of disguise. The Mayor accuses maestro for scarring kids with non-existent ghost stories. He warns him and tries to drive him off, but Maestro challenges him and calls for a game between two of them, with the first one to become scared leaving the game and leave the other undisturbed. This scenario provides apt setting for Jackson to exhibit all his dancing moves, stunning make-ups, etc., thereby relating both visual and musical elements. ...
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