Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

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Attending the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert, highlighted by the premiere classical music performance group in Maryland was just an experience that every student would long for in the entire course.


According to the reactions of many students who were in attendance, the likes overweighed the dislikes apart from the fact that dressing or costumes went a little bit too far and many were not comfortable with them. The fact that this was just one dislike, the likes included the best voices in the world this time witnessed in live performance, great styles on stage and most of all what seemed like the best organization and coordination among the artists who were present. This automatically influenced many students develop the desire to attend another concert in the future. In Opera context, there was a similarity between Don Giovanni-Mozart Madam Butterfly-Puccini because they all acted and appeared in theatre scenes in the same year. In all their acting, they seem to believe in fallacy making it a similarity amongst all of them. Don who featured as the daughter of the regiment from2000 to 2001, Puccini who featured as the girl of the golden west in the same year and Manama Butterfly in 2002 as well as Mozart who featured in the marriage of Figaro, all highly advocate fallacy for they say a fallacy is an informal notion or logic of thought. ...
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