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Electronica Music and Its Impact on the Music Industry The beginnings of electronica as a music genre started when technological advancements in music instruments such as the introduction of electronic-based instruments and sound synthesizers in the music scene (Collins 87; Mickley).


Ultimately, within a span of a decade the elements comprising the original electronica genre were reborn within the recent music scene itself, as it became infused with other popular genres such as hip-hop, rap, rock, and dance music (Bogdanov 634). This helped the next generation of audiences in appreciating electronica’s legacy as one of the earliest predecessors of contemporary music today. The Historical Background of Electronica as a Musical Genre Electronica was originally used around the 1950’s in Hollywood movies for background music, in order to emphasize on the emotions of the characters being portrayed (Collins 78). Influenced by classical music, electronica became a mood-maker in cinema, implying the character’s detachment from reality. It was also borne out of a cultural purpose of widening and increasing what is considered to be musical sounds (Dunn 2). In later years there was an increase in the frequency of electronica played outside the movie industry, and in the late 1960’s Europe electronica can be heard in the radiowaves, most notably in Germany (Keith). ...
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