Music as a means of expressing identity & Change in the music industry

Music as a means of expressing identity & Change in the music industry Essay example
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Author: Instructor: Course Title: Date: Music as a Means of Expressing Identity and Change in the Music Industry Answer 1 Music is a sound. It is a series of traditions and histories. It is a business. It is also a tool used by listeners and fans to discover, to negotiate and to express their identities in terms of who they are as individuals and as collectives.


People forge concentration on entertainment and recreation to escape from the daily huddles of life, most of which might be boring or unpleasant. For instance, the music that was done by the Beatles was used by American listeners to forge their identity, by escaping from the reality of the conditions that were prevalent in their country. The Beatles became famous during a time when Americans desperately needed a dash of escapism. Given that President J.F Kennedy had been assassinated during this time, Americans needed to divert their minds from the realities through entertainment, and therefore, the Beatles helped American listeners escape reality, through their music (Wald). The American national mood was sombre, but the Britons were happy and cheerful, something that contrasted with the feeling of a lot of Americans. In their bid to express themselves as happy and cheerful as well, Americans used the Beatles’ music to forge this expression (Wald). Secondly, musicians have been known to be crafty in trying to sell their music or attract significant audience. For instance, some musicians were able to convert themselves into the culture of their audiences. As a result, listeners identify with such music, without knowledge that musicians have no roots in the listeners’ culture. ...
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