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Lee is a Correspondent at the Alberta University - Edmonton Clinic Health Academy. Her article focuses on driving whilst on as an emerging problem that needs urgent solutions. Body Summary The articles exclusively center on the regulatory laws that have placed limitations on the use of the cell phones by the drivers. It is evident that a majority of the states have embarked on a mission to ensure that the mobile phones are handled properly by the concerned drivers whilst on the roads. Despite the laws ranging from one state to another, the laws focus on a recommendation of the use of hands free devices by the drivers. On the other hand, Strayer & Drew argue that as a result of the constant use of the mobile phones by the drivers, a lot of accidents have been seen to take place as drivers on phone are likely to over speed, break other traffic rules or even fail to stop for police checks (646). With driving taking the toll of using one hand, while the other is busy texting or receiving a call, Lee argues that a lot of lives have been lost as a result of the same (7728). The costs of distracted driving in this case cannot be quantified especially if the lives of innocent individuals have to be at stake. Lee argues that at times, a lot of drivers are at pressure to be connected, an aspect that makes it almost an obvious behavior in the roads today (7723). The author also insists that the problem is a growing one (Lee 7725). ...
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Instructor Date Legislation against cell phone use while driving Introduction Strayer & Drew are affiliated to the Utah University, Salt Lake City and their article aims at examining the impact of hands-free mobile phone exchanges on simulated driving…
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