Is Hip Hop a Culture?

Is Hip Hop a Culture? Essay example
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Running Head: Hip Hop Hip Hop [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Is Hip Hop a Culture? The question of the significance and even the validity of Hip Hop are much discussed in the United States of America today. Hundreds of universities and community colleges around the world offer courses discussing and dissecting the inception and evolution of Hip Hop, so inspirational is the story of this "revolution." So, is Hip Hop truly a culture?


It started with house parties at the home of Clive Campbell, or DJ Kool Herc, as he is known, a figure that is widely associated as "the father of Hip Hop" (Hess, 2007). Overtime, the parties became more frequent, attendance grew and the movement spread across the borough. The pioneering stage of Hip Hop was developing at these parties, with Jamaican-inspired events such as impromptu toasting or loud, boastful poetry reading about current events and hardships the main highlights of the soirees. The location of the inception of Hip Hop, and the period in modern American history in which this happened are not a coincidence. The 1970s were a time where social classes were further being cemented in urban cities across America, and the Black youth was feeling resentful towards their dismal standards of living. Furthermore, street gangs were aplenty in the streets of South Bronx at the time, as they still are today, a sign of the struggle with poverty of the region. ...
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