cuba music and african influence

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Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Cuban music an African influence The Caribbean Island Cuba imposed a great influence on the formation of the great variety of musical directions in XIX-XX. The roots of the Cuban music lie in the so-called “cabildo”, which represented the meetings of African slaves which were brought to the island…


Santeria greatly influenced the Cuban music as well as other areas of life. By the 20th century the elements of Santeria appeared in the popular and folk music. The roots of Cuban music lie in Hispania and Western Africa, but later it was influenced by the various music directions from different countries such as France, the United States and Jamaica. At the same time, Cuban music itself influenced other countries developing not only jazz and salsa, but also Argentine tango and Hispanic flamenco. Cuba is a country of unique and wonderful musical styles. Melodious Hispanic motives are mixed with the bright rhythms of Africa. Music accompanies any event: beginning from religious rituals to the entertaining motives. Dances play the great role on the cultural life of the country: in any city, town and small village there is Casa-de-la-Trove which represents a house of music. This is the place, where all the citizens come to dance and to listen to the music which is performed by the local musical groups. However, Cubans usually do not need special places to dance, they can dance anywhere. The Cuban music has influenced much the development of the great variety of music styles in the 19th and 20th century. It is very popular in the world “Cuban music ha5 travelled around the world. ...
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