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The musical thought and influence of Brian Eno Essay example
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Name: Course: Date: The musical thought and influence of Brian Eno Section I: A bibliography which lists 15 sources Eno, B. 1966, A year with swollen Appendices. Great Britain: Faber and Faber Ltd. Dayal, G. 2010, Another green world. New York, London: The Continuum International Publishing Group Inc…


November 2, 2009, Interviews: Brian Eno. The Pitchfork. Retrieved: December 7, 2013 from Marantz, A. December3 1, 2012. "Finding Eno". Culture. Retrieved: December 7, 2013 from Marantz, A. November 12, 2012. " The 77 Million Faces of Brian Eno”. Culture. Retrieved: December 7, 2013 from Mike, R.M. 2013, Brian Eno. BBC Music News. Retrieved: December 7, 2013 from Prendergast, M. 2001, The Ambient Century: From Mahler to Trance: The Evolution of Sound in the Electronic Age. Bloomsbury Publishing. pp. p118. Reynolds, s. April 25, 2013. Brian Eno: Taking Manhattan (By Strategy). Red Bull Music Academy. Retrieved: December 7, 2013 from Scoates, C. (2013). Brian Eno: Visual music. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. Sheppard, D. 2009, On some faraway beach: The life and times of Brian Eno. Chicago, Ill: Chicago Review Press. Tamm, E. 1989, Brian Eno: His music and the vertical color of sound. Boston: First Da Capo Press. pp. 1-216. Tamm, E. 1995, Brian Eno: His music and the vertical color of sound. New York: Da Capo Press. The Polymath Perspective. ...
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