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Behind my instrument

What is meant by this is the fact that instrumental music ultimately came to be a type of music that was played in the absence of voice. Although dissertation length response would necessarily be required with regards to determining specifically when this change was first exhibited, the following analysis will instead focus upon the unique mechanisms through which instrumental music is presented; focusing specifically the manner through which instrumental music mimics voice-like qualities within the piece of Jervy Hou’s “A Breathtaking Piano Piece”. It is therefore the hope and goal of this author to present instrumental music, with regards to the piece in question, as a highly developed and non-simplistic style that requires the individual musician to be even more cognizant of unique nuances and the means through which musical technique can help to extend the body and that of the music in question. Further, by leveraging music theory and understanding the way in which key developments and ideas are represented throughout all types of music, the reader will be able to come to a more informed level of understanding concerning the core elements of how instrumental music is able to uniquely mimic vocal performance. ...
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Instrumental music has of course existed for extraordinarily long period of time. However, even though this is the case, core compliments of good instrumental music have remained virtually static throughout the centuries. Whereas it is likely true that music originated with voice singing being the primary mechanism through which music was performed, the use of instrumentation to augment this voice and differentiated was soon utilized…
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