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Name: Institution: Date: Indian traditional music dates back very many millennia having started as part of the Indian socio-religious aspect of life. It is mainly melodic, with the sounds following one another, creating an emotional state in a rather aesthetic manner.


The main classical genres under Hindustani music include dhrupad, khyal, sadra, dhamar, and tarana. Carnatic music dates back to the 15th century AD and began in south India mainly in the kanataka State. Carnatic music is melodic and pays more emphasis on the vocals since it is sung or performed using a singing style (Lavezzoli, (2007, pp 54). Arabic music is the music practiced by Arabic people from the Arab world, mainly the Arabian Peninsula. This music is said to have been translated and developed from Greek musical theory and works of music. Arabic music has also been influenced ancient Persian, Kurdish, Egyptian, Indian, Assyrian, North African, European, and Turkish music. The earliest form of Arabic music dates back to the pre-Islamic era when the music comprised of recited poems that had high notes (Racy, 2004, pp 96). The early Islamic period saw the development of the maqam system that forms the foundation of Arabic music. Modern Arabic music began in Egypt in the early 20th century, replacing Turkish music played then with new nationalistic music. As any other type of music, Arabic music has interacted with other musical genres and styles practices in other regions. This has resulted in the creation of new Arabic music variations such as Arabic jazz, Franco-Arabic music, Arabic electronica, Arabic pop, and Arabic Rock. ...
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