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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Biography of George Frideric Handel Handel is one of the musicians born to find the emerging music genre of the 1600s and 1700s. He rose to become one of the influential musicians of his time, exhibiting exemplary talent, and proved to be a pace setter in the music trends of his era.


The boy who would later become a renowned musician was born on 23rd February 1685 (Schoelcher 2). He exhibited ardent interest in music from an early age, although his father objected to his determination to pursue music. Handel’s father conformed to the societal opinion during that time. The people of the 17th and 18th century viewed music as a hobby undeserving of been considering a career. People who exhibited too much passion in hobbies earned a negative reputation in the society. The majority of people sought to have a high profile career, explaining why Handel’s father wanted his son to pursue law, which had a higher societal regard. However, despite this resistance from his father, he strived to learn the organ and the clavichord. His mother helped him in discretion, offering him the clavichord. He learned these organs on his own and made good progress. On one occasion, a duke recognized that he had a talent in music after hearing him playing the organ, and took the initiative of pleading his father. The duke’s efforts bore fruit and Handel’s father allowed him to register for music classes. Handel encountered Zacchau as his first music teacher at the Lutheran church in his hometown when he was eight years old. ...
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