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Research Paper example - How does music affect the brain

How does music affect the brain Research Paper example
Research Paper
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How Music Affects the Brain Introduction Music surpasses all borders of culture, race, and nationality. It is a common tool used to instigate feelings and emotions. The effect of good music can even be more powerful than that of language. Increased interest in the way musical emotion is processes by the brain can be attributed to the way emotional language across cultures describes it…

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The way music evokes emotions cannot be compared to how it is done by any other sense. How brain understands music Music is a kind of perpetual illusion, similar to how a collage is perceived. The order and structured is imposed by the brain over a sequence of sounds that helps establish a completely different system of meaning. Understanding of the underlying structure of music plays a very important role in determining an individual’s ability to appreciate music. This includes the ability to predict the subsequent rhythm and lyrics in a song. Skilled composers control the emotions evoked by a song through an understanding of the expectations of their audience. Successful manipulation of these characteristics of a song elicits the chills that are any song’s specialty. Although music seems to be the same as other features of language, yet it is deeply rooted in the primitive structures of brain which deal with reward, emotion, and motivation. “Whether it is the first familiar notes of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” or the beats preceding AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” the brain synchronizes neural oscillators with the pulse of the music (through cerebellum activation), and starts to predict when the next strong beat will occur” (Mohana). ...
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