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How music affect the brain - Research Paper Example

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This essay describes the way music evokes emotions and how our brain understands it and response to it. The effect of good music can even be more powerful than that of language. Music surpasses all borders of culture and nationality. It is a common tool used to instigate feelings and emotions…

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How music affect the brain

The "How music affects the brain" essay outlines how the brain understands and processes it. Music constitutes fragile timing violations. Experience suggests the listeners that music is not threatening. The frontal lobes ultimately identify these violations as a source of pleasure. As a result of this expectation, anticipation is developed that when met, helps develop the reward reaction. A fundamental characteristic feature of music that differentiates it from other stimuli is its ability to conjure up feelings and images which might not necessarily reflect in the memory directly. A certain kind of mystery still remains in the overall phenomena; the factors explaining the thrill of listening to music are integrally linked with synesthesia based theories. The brain of a new born baby has not differentiated its structure into components meant for the identification and appreciation of various senses. It takes time for the brain to develop this differentiation. As the theory suggests, babies perceive the world as “a large, pulsing combination of colors and sounds and feelings, all melded into one experience – ultimate synesthesia” (Mohana). Different areas of the brain become specialized in the different senses with the development of brain over the passage of time. “After a year of training, the kids who have been in the music training are better able to synchronize to the beat and to remember the beat” (Kraus cited in Wise). Music improves intelligence, learning, cognition, and motor skills. ...
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