Comparing and contrasting India, China, and Indonesia music cultures

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Name Instructor Course Date COMPARING AND CONSTRSTING INDIA, CHINA AND INDONESIA MUSIC CULTURES Introduction Culture refers to the attitudes, beliefs, practices, values and norms held by people of a particular region or affiliation. Culture is transmitted socially from one generation to another, mostly by word of mouth, observation and writing as it is in the modern world.


Cultural background and musical characteristics of China China has the longest standing history of its culture among all countries in the world; with archeological evidence indicating that China is one of the foundations of mankind. Dating back to the 4th BC, the Chinese people began living together in large groups which resulted in the cultivation of land, domestication of animals, building of pit dwellings and emergence of pottery. Chinese cultural history is recorded according to the different dynasties that make up the Chinese culture as it is today. The Chinese people today show much pride in the Han culture which saw them make great scientific discoveries, most of which even the Western countries were not aware of. This culture is most renowned for the introduction of the art culture practiced in China today. The ancient Chinese music, which dates back to the 3rd millennium, was slow and solemn with large orchestras heard in the background. The Chinese people value the single tone produced in their music more than they do the melody itself. Their musical instruments used are divided into eight groups depending on the materials they are made of. The musical notations used are all an indication of rhythm. ...
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