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How does hip hop music affect black youth?

This "How does hip hop music affect black youth?" outlines the connection between listening to hip-hop music and teenagers behaviour. Rap is an integral component of the African oral and musical traditions. Rap artists have emerged as the modern orators, the present-day Black icons (Rose, 1999). The non-violent anti-establishment rhetoric of 1960s, has been swapped by the powerful defiant, hate-driven, aggressive, anti-establishment rhetoric of rap icons, which provide contentment for the 1990s generation of Black youth (Rose, 1999). This often rebellious rhetoric speaks to the social, psychological, economic, political, educational, and cultural conditions and challenges of today's youth. Specifically, rap developed as a result of youth efforts to negotiate the often adverse conditions of their environmental surroundings.
The lyrical images in rap music provide a graphic and spellbinding representation of the social conditions of the artists and the youth who embrace the music. The lyrics, delivered in an explicit and combative manner, seek to capture the austerities of urban life as youths encounter and experience them every day. The connectedness of the lyrics to the social conditions of the youth enraptured by the music stimulates an impassioned embrace (Rose, 1999). The enraptured state of the youthful devotees is reminiscent of the fervent state often displayed during an emotional religious experience. Youths who immerse themselves in the music and with such fervor embody the youth oriented culture known as hip-hop. ...
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This essay describes the impact of hip hop music on black youths. The purpose of this study is to investigate the perception of black youth parents' views on rap and hip-hip music and how this music affect adolescent. Hip Hop music is unapologetically direct and personal…
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