How does hip hop music affect black youth?

How does hip hop music affect black youth? Essay example
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How does hip hop music affect black youths? [Authors’ Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course Title] [Date of Submission] How Does Hip Hop Music Affect Black Youths? Introduction The world of hip hop music is one which has been synonymous with drugs and crime, an image portrayed by the media, along with some of the stars of the genre.


But it took a dark turn in the early 1980s, rap producers such as Russell Simmons, reported that earlier rappers were too "soft." So at the first opportunity he pursed a more violent approach to music (Rose, 1999). Many videos currently feature rap stars flashing jewelry, driving flashy cars, showing off weapons, angrily gesticulating at the camera, and cavorting with interchangeable, mindlessly gyrating, scantily clad women (Rose, 1999). Many studies indicate that teenagers, who spend more time than their peers listening to negative hip hop music and watching rap music videos, are more likely to disrespect themselves, their teachers, be arrested, and be promiscuous. Additionally, parental involvement has been shown to decline in recent years in the areas of what young people's listening choices are these days. This study is intended to identify how hip hop music affect black youths. The purpose of this study is to investigate the perception of black youth parents' views on rap and hip-hip music and how this music affect adolescent. Review of the Literature History of Hip-Hop Music Throughout history, Africans and their descendants have struggled to survive the efforts of Europeans to destroy their rich heritage. The struggles manifest in the oratorical and musical compositions of this group. ...
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