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Jazz Review Name Tutor Course Date of Submission PART ONE: INTELLECTUAL Jazz concert Venue and artist. The Jazz Mafia at Churchill’s Pub on 1st April. Performing artists were the band members of Mafia. Some of the instruments used include; drums, trumpets, violins, acoustic guitar, piano, saxophone, clarinet, alto flute and jazz accordion.


They also accompanied it with basic tunes and chords outlines of soloist. The organization at the concert also contributes to it success since the band arrived in time for the event to be a success as they had planned with the hall manager. Most of the instrumentalists were middle age men who seemed to be more experienced and from the look of things it was clear that what they would deliver would be mature enough for the attending audience. The situational emotion was therefore transferred to lyrics, sounds and beats hence becoming jazz music. The advantage Mafia Jazz band had was that during this period of time, freedom was granted to all in members in that they were able to contribute in the lyrics as they play their musical instruments. This made them sing without getting tired. Jazz music is an art that does not require books, websites or even to be written on the paper for performance. It entails composing the music anywhere anytime of the day. It does not apply the use of all the musical rules but it all about creativity of an individual so as to pass the intended massage accompanied by other musical instruments. ...
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